Everyday Living


These articles focus on topics of current interest, from events in the news to issues we face every day. Each article offers a Bible-based perspective on a specific topic, showing readers just how relevant the Bible is today. Readers will find comfort as well as practical steps to take to respond to challenging situations in positive ways.


Coming from all different professional backgrounds, Biblewise Guests share how they've used the Bible to support their work. Each interview features the unique career path of an individual who turns to God and to prayer for guidance, answers, strength of character, patience, inspiration—for everything and anything. Guests relate wonderful, inspiring life stories.

Healing Messages

One after the other, these short articles share an account of healing based on turning to the Bible to feel God's presence and power right where and when it was most needed. Each healing message offers proof of God's immediate care for us in everyday situations. Turning to verses, characters and healings in the Bible is natural and effective in resolving conflicts, dissolving fear, and healing sickness. These articles explain how the authors have made their study of the Bible very practical.


Each of these articles sheds light on using the Bible to address a particular issue related to being a fulltime parent or simply in a short-term parenting role. The topics are highly relevant to modern life, yet the Biblical connections are age-old, assuring the reader that the ultimate Parent, God, is always guiding, guarding and tenderly caring for His beloved children. Helping our children know God, know the Bible, know how to pray, and know how to feel God's closeness—these articles offer helpful and practical insights.

Book Reviews

There are some terrific newly published books to read on a variety of Bible-related topics. Each of these book reviews features a different author and title and gives you just enough detail about the book to whet your reading appetite for more…or at least to keep you informed of what's on the market today.