The Story About the Farmer

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The Story About the Farmer Mark 4:1-20

Jesus told His disciples and many other people a story about a farmer who planted seeds in his field.

"Some of the seeds fell on a path, and the birds ate them," said Jesus. "Some of the seeds fell on rocky soil, where they grew. But because the roots didn't grow deep, the hot sun scorched the plants. Other seeds fell among weeds, and were choked out. And still other seeds landed on good soil, where they grew up and became healthy plants bearing much fruit."

The disciples did not understand the hidden meaning behind the story. Jesus explained, "I am the farmer, who is spreading the message of the gospel. If a person's heart is hard, like the hardened pathway in the field, then he will not receive my message into his heart. Then there are people who think they want to follow me. At first they say they accept me, but later you can tell that their lives were not changed because they didn't bear any fruit. And last, those who receive my message in their heart and make it a part of their life will bear fruit-—they will do many great things for me."

Can you find your way from the "Start" arrow to the farmer's hand?

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