Adam and Eve Disobey God

Categories: Creation, Obedience, Ten Commandments (6-10)

Adam and Eve Disobey God Genesis 3

God gave Adam and Eve a wonderful place to live—the Garden of Eden. The garden was filled with beautiful plants, trees, and animals.

God told Adam and Eve to enjoy the garden, but He gave them one warning: "Do not eat the fruit on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or you will die."

One day a snake came to Eve and said, "Look at how pretty the fruit is! Doesn't it look delicious? If you eat it, you will become as wise as God."

Eve thought the fruit looked good and picked one. She took a bite, then gave some to Adam.

Suddenly they realized something was wrong. They had done something God told them not to do!

God called them. "Where are you?" He asked. Adam and Eve tried to hide because they knew they had disobeyed God. "Because you have eaten the fruit, you must leave the garden," said God.

Adam and Eve left the garden, and God sent angels with fiery swords to prevent anyone from ever entering the garden again.

Can you start at the tree root and find your way to the fruit Eve is about to pick?

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