Joash, Josiah, and Jehoshaphat

Fun & Games

  • Coloring Page - Seven Year Old King Joash
  • Joash Fact Scramble - Read about Joash in II Chronicles 24 then unscramble the words to answer questions about Joash.
  • Joash or Josiah? - After reading about the two young kings in II Chronicles 24 and II Chronicles 34-35 decide if the person described in each example is Joash or Josiah.
  • The King's Quiz - Answer questions about king's Joash, Josiah, Jehoshaphat, and Solomon
  • Kings of the Old Testament - Find the twelve hidden kings of the divided Israel in this fun word search
  • The Lost Book - Follow the maze of letters to find out what happened when King Josiah ordered the temple to be cleaned
  • The Words of God's Law - King Josiah ordered the Temple of God be repaired. During the repairs workers found a scroll of God's law written by Moses many years ago. Use the word bank to fill in the blanks of God's law.
  • The Young King - Use the code to answer questions about young Joash when he became King of Judah

Read a Story

Joash is Hidden
Read 2 Chronicle 24:4-11

Jehoshaphat Prays for Deliverance From His Enemies
Read 2 Chronicles 20:1-32

Josiah Discovers the Law
Read 2 Chronicles 34-35