How the Prodigal Son Affected a Ten-Year-Old Girl

Categories: Jesus (Parables)

Read the story of the Prodigal Son. How is this story relevant to your life? Look at a ten year-old girl's description of how this story affected her.

My Favorite Bible story is the Prodigal Son. It's about this boy who asks his father for what he is going to give him when the father dies. After the father gave him the money, the son goes out and spends all the money. So when a famine came, he didn't have any money to use to buy food to eat. So he decided to come home and be a servant for his father. When he was a great distance away, his father saw him and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him. Even though the son wasn't being good to his father, his father forgave him and still loved him.

When I am at somebody's house and I see something I want there and I get jealous, I tell myself, "Jessica, God is providing you with every thing you need so you don't have to be jealous of somebody's belongings." This also teaches me that my parents will love me no matter what I do. But I still have lessons to learn. That is how I use the Prodigal Son.

What are you willing to share? Do you find yourself identifying with either of the brothers?