Jesus' Trials (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Easter (Passion Week)

Read Matt 26:57-75; 27:1,2; 11-31

  • Where was Jesus taken first? [Annas – owned the tents out of which the money changers were thrown in the Temple. They also needed a place to keep him until the 70 members of the Sanhedrin arrived.]
  • Did Annas have any authority? [No, but he wanted to get even with Jesus. He asked him questions that he wasn't allowed by law to ask.]
  • How did Jesus respond? [He told him to get witnesses and do it right.]
  • Why did the guard hit Jesus? [Because he didn't think Jesus should tell Annas how to do his job.]
  • Where did they take Jesus next? [to Caiaphas. the high priest, before the Sanhedrin (Supreme Court of the Jews)
  • Did the Jews have the authority to kill Jesus?
  • What did Caiaphas ask Jesus? [Are you the Son of God?]
  • What was Jesus' response? [different Gospels give different answers – compare the responses]
  • Where did Caiaphas send Jesus? [Governor Pilate – Roman official]
  • Did Pilate think Jesus was guilty of any crime?
  • Where did Pilate send Jesus? [Herod Antipas]
  • Why did he send him to Herod? [Jesus was a Galilean and Herod was in control of that area]
  • What did Herod ask Jesus to do? [miracles, talk]
  • What did his soldiers do to Jesus? [put a purple robe and a crown of thorns on him, spit and hit him]
  • Where did Herod send Jesus? [back to Pilate]
  • What did Pilate have the soldiers do to him? [scourge him]
    • What is scourging?
    • Why was it barbaric? [ 40 lashes would kill a man, so they only whipped Jesus 39 times.]
    • What was the Roman tradition at Passover? [to release a Jewish prisoner]
      • Which prisoner did the Jews want released? [Barabbas]
      • What were his crimes?
    • Why wasn't it possible for Jesus to get a fair trial?
      • What is mob mentality?
      • What does this experience teach about hate?