Making a Difference — Sports

No-Limits — No Disabilities!

Are limits set in stone? Absolutely not! See how shifting to an attitude of positive expectation removes so-called limits.

Seeing God Expressed…in Basketball Changed My Outlook on Life

Find out how a shift in Tiffany's thinking made her appreciate the opportunity to witness and be God's expression—no matter what she's up to!

Persevere with God

The story of Gideon inspires a teenager to persevere during a challenging football season.

Prayerful Preparation = Awesome Results

A mountain climber completes a rigorous journey by fully relying on God. Sweet!!

Fear Conquered with the Help of a Friend

Don't let fear manipulate you! Marshall broke the cycle of fear and ended up enjoying his rock-climbing trip.

Inspiring the Spark Within

Just do your thing—you never know who's watching who will be inspired by your example!

Modern Day Psalms

Check out these awesome Psalms, written by 6th and 7th graders.