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Jesus Teaches About Alms Giving

Hi Kids! This month we have two new stories that help us understand what Jesus meant in the Sermon on the Mount when he taught us to give out of our love for God and for others, not to show off or to be recognized by others.

For younger kids, Sophie realizes her friend Olivia doesn't have enough food at lunch. After talking with her Mom about Jesus reminder to help people in need without be noisy about it, God gives Sophie a wonderful idea on how to help Olivia without drawing attention to herself or embarassing Olivia. Read the story of Sophie and Olivia.

For older kids, does Jesus' lesson to us on helping others include helping people who might not have many friends? Martin finds out that even when other kids are acting in an unkind manner, he can still give to them. Much to his delight, Martin finds that his secret alms giving, in the face of unkindness, has a healing effect. Read Martin's story.

This Month's Featured Stories for Young Children


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