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Did you know that Jesus teaches about fasting in the Sermon on the Mount? At that time, a lot of religious people, especially the leaders, fasted—went without food for a period of time. But fasting had sometimes become a show—showing off to other people how devoted they were to God. These people often covered their faces with ashes so they’d look dirty or put flour over their clothes so that people would see what they were doing.

But Jesus told them that they should fast by themselves, privately and cheerfully. That way, the focus would be on God, not on making themselves be noticed by others. He wanted them to stop the show and have good, pure, and honest motives when they fasted. That way they could really learn more about God.

And while we may or may not fast from food these days, there are certainly things we can deny ourselves. We can refuse to say or repeat hurtful words. We can stop selfish actions. We can refuse to tell lies. Rather, we can say kind words, include others, and tell the truth. We can look at fasting as a way to gain a better understanding of God and how we can interact with our family and friends with more respect and love.

So this month, we have fun games, activities, and stories that show us different ways we can fast.

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