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You Cannot Serve Two Masters

How do we know if we’re keeping God first in our lives? Well, let’s ask the questions: How do we spend our time? What do we think about? Whatever we spend our time doing, whatever we think about, want, or love becomes like a master to us. It claims our time and attention.

Jesus said, “You cannot be the slave of two masters! You will like one more than the other or be more loyal to one than the other” (Sermon on the Mount, Matt 6:24 CEV). That’s pretty easy to understand, isn’t it? Let’s take the example of sports. Perhaps we love playing basketball, and we’re on a team. We want to get really good at it, so we spend hours practicing at home and more hours practicing with the team. Then there are games and tournaments. We might decide to go to a basketball camp. We might want to watch as many basketball games as we can on TV or the Internet. And we probably want to have the right basketball shoes, shorts, and t-shirts. Then there are all the pro basketball players we follow.

Can you see what’s happening to our time and attention? Can you see how basketball might become our master? This can happen with just about anything in our lives—wanting to be on the computer or tablet, building with Legos, drawing or painting, even things like being a picky eater, or only wearing certain clothes and shoes! It’s almost funny when we think of all the little and big things that try to be our master!

Now, let’s think about this “master” idea in a different way. Who is the master when we try really hard to get what we want when we want it? When we’re grumpy about being asked to do something for someone else? When we resist being obedient? When we talk back? These are all moments when we’re trying to be our own master instead of letting God be the Master. And that’s what Jesus is reminding us when he says, “Ye cannot serve two masters.”

Christmas is a perfect time to think about who our real master is—and to think about how we can stop letting other things try to become our masters. It’s very easy to get excited about Santa Claus and the things we hope to get on Christmas Day. But there’s more to the Christmas season than “making a list and checking it twice” as the familiar Christmas carol says! Let’s remind ourselves of the real meaning of Christmas—God’s love for us, which we can see shining through in the story of Jesus’ birth. Knowing that God is our true Master is the best gift of all!

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