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  • Ask, Seek, Knock - Discover Jesus promise from Matthew 7:7 by circling the capital leters in the winding list.
  • Break the Code - Two Masters - Use the fun symbol code to decode Jesus' message to us in Matthew 6:24 about keeping our focus on God
  • Build Your House on the Rock - Paste the objects with Godlike qualities in the house built on the rock and the objects with harmful qualities in the house built on the sand.
  • Color by Number - Jesus' teaching about the good tree producing good fruit
  • Coloring Page - Ask, and it will be given to you...
  • Coloring Page - Color by Number: A Good Foundation
  • Coloring Page - Don't Worry
  • Coloring Page - Jesus Always Followed God's Will
  • Coloring Page - Jesus teaches with authority
  • Coloring Page - Love, Encourage, and Help Others
  • Coloring Page - Set Your Heart on God's Kingdom and On His Goodness
  • Coloring Page - The Golden Rule
  • Coloring Page - You Cannot Serve Two Masters
  • Crossword Puzzle (Don't Worry) - Finish each sentence with words from the list. Then place the words in the puzzle.
  • Don't Judge - Circle the underlined words from Matthew 7:1-5 where Jesus teaches about the importance of not judging others.
  • Don't Worry Dot-to-Dot - Complete the dot-to-dot pictures to discover why Jesus says we don't need to worry.
  • Entering the Kingdom - Write each letter in the blank to discover what Jesus says we must do to enter the kingdom of heaven.
  • Even After Mistakes, They Followed God - Read the descriptions of each Bible character and write their names in the blanks.
  • Find the Fish - Read Matthew 7:7-9, then find and circle the 20 fish in the picture.
  • Focusing on God's Kingdom and Goodness - Circle the things that help us stay focused on God, and put an X on the things that could make us think about other things.
  • Follow the Rope - Use a crayon to help the children match the first word of Jesus' prayer with the rest of the verse.
  • God Cares for the Birds, Flowers, and You! - Read Matthew 6:25-34 where Jesus reminds us of God's tender care. Then color all the birds and flowers.
  • The Golden Rule Caterpillar - Cut out the colored circles and put them in the correct order to write out the Golden Rule.
  • Golden Rule Puzzle - Starting with the green arrow, draw a line connecting all the letters from the golden rule.
  • Good Choices - For each scene, color the smiley face if it's a good, God-centered scene and the frowny face if it's not.
  • A Good Foundation Crossword - Unscramble the words from Matthew 7:24-27 and then fit the words into the crossword puzzle
  • Good Fruit - Color the apples that are good examples of how we should treat someone even when they make a mistake.
  • Good Fruit Word Search - Circle words from Jesus' teachings about the good fruit
  • Instructions from Jesus - Choose words form the word bank to complete Jesus' instructions from the Sermon on the Mount
  • Jesus and the Rich Ruler - se the animal code to discover what Jesus said to the rich young ruler who asked about eternal life.
  • Jesus Taught with ______ - To find out how Jesus taught, write the letter each animal is holding.
  • Jesus' Instructions - Start at the black arrow, write down every other letter, continue until you complete Jesus' message about the narrow and wide gates.
  • Judge Not - Prodigal Son - Put the pictures from the story of the prodigal son in the correct order.
  • The Large and Small Gates - Fill in the blanks with the letter that comes between the two letters under each line to discover Jesus' message.
  • Living the Golden Rule - Use the code to reveal how each Bible character lived the Golden Rule.
  • Maze (Jesus' Answer to Worry) - Color the starts to put together Jesus' advice: don't worry.
  • Maze (Shep and Lily) - Help Shep and Lily find their way through the maze so they can hear Jesus' sermon on not judging others.
  • Maze: Build on the Rock - Color the stars to put together Jesus' advice on how to get through hard times.
  • The Narrow Gate - Color all of the stones with God-like qualities to find your way to the narrow gate that leads to God's kingdom.
  • Order Jesus' Message - Solve each math problem, then put Jesus' message about worry in the correct order from lowest to highest.
  • Order the Golden Rule - Cut out the words from the Golden Rule and put them in the right order.
  • Prayer Book - Color the pictures, then put Jesus' instructions in order to create your own prayer book.
  • A Rich Young Ruler - Fill in the blanks, with words from the word bank, to complete the story. Then place the words in the puzzle.
  • Teaching with Authority - Circle the capital letters in the winding path to discover how Jesus taught.
  • The Tree and Its Fruit - Read the story of the good fruit and put the green words into the puzzle.
  • The Tree of Good Fruit - Cut out the fruits that have good qualities or actions and paste them in the tree.
  • True Disciples - Use the key to complete Jesus' instructions to us from Matthew 7:21.
  • Two House Builders - Cut out the pictures of kids from the word bank to fill in the missing words of Jesus message about building a strong foundation.
  • Unscramble (Don't Worry) - Read Matthew 6:25-34, then unscramble the letters in red to discover why Jesus tells us we don't need to worry.
  • The Will of My Father - Circle the situations that show how God wants us to act.
  • Wolf or Sheep - Review the situations and circle the wolf if it's a poor choice and the sheep if it's a good choice.
  • Word Search (Don't Worry) - Read Matthew 6:25-34, then circle words from Jesus' message on why we don't need to worry.
  • Word Search (Jesus' Sermon) - Circle words from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.
  • You Cannot Serve Two Masters - Match the shape containing a Bible character(s) with the shape that tells how they served God.

Read a Story

Sermon on the Mount
Matthew 5-7

Salt and Light
Matthew 5:13-16

Let Your Light Shine
Matthew 5:16

Teaching About Revenge
Matthew 5:38-42

Loving Our Enemies
Matthew 5:43-48

Alms Giving
Matthew 6:1-4

Matthew 6:16-18

Matthew 6:19-21

The Eye
Matthew 6:22-23

Two Masters
Matthew 6:24

Don't Worry
Matthew 6:25-34

Pray in Secret
Matthew 6:5-8

The Lord's Prayer
Matthew 6:9-15

Don't Judge Others
Matthew 7:1-6

The Golden Rule
Matthew 7:12

The Narrow and Wide Gates
Matthew 7:13-14

Tree and Fruit
Matthew 7:15-20

True Disciples
Matthew 7:21

A Good Foundation
Matthew 7:24-27

The Authority of Jesus
Matthew 7:28-29

Ask, Seek, Knock
Matthew 7:7-11

Listen to a Story

Holy Land Tours

  • Magdala - Jesus' sermon on the mount and the home of Mary Magdalene

Adult and Teen Resources

Articles — Everyday Living

  • Build on the Rock - How do we weather the storms that rage in life?
  • Dust Specks and Logs - Criticism and condemnation hurt. How do we get rid of such attitudinal logs?
  • Live Worry-Free - How can we get rid of anxiety and stress when there's so much to worry about?
  • Our Daily Bread Moment by Moment - Can we trust God to meet all our needs and so fully experience the present moment?
  • Pray with Authority - What results do we expect when we pray? Are we speaking with authority?
  • Quiet Giving - How can we give something of substance to those in need-practically, quietly, powerfully?
  • Re-Defining Fasting - Troubled by weight issues? Tired of dieting? Let's fast in a different way - and gain dominion.
  • Safe in Humility - How do we stay safe? The Nativity story reveals the ultimate safety plan.
  • Salt and Light - Jesus expected us to be "the salt of the earth - the light of the world." Could we transform family dynamics, save failing marriages, overhaul careers?
  • Turn the Other Cheek...Towards God - Is it practical to "turn the other cheek" these days? The answer may be surprising. It requires strength.
  • Watch Out For Wolves in Sheep's Clothing - How do we know what's true and not get tricked by scams or lies?

Healing Messages — Everyday Living

  • Finding a Fulfilling Career Path - Margie Eddington shares how, despite challenges and closed doors along the way, God led her step-by-step to just the right career.

Parenting — Everyday Living

Bible Characters — Bible Study

Relationships — Teen Time

Identity — Teen Time

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