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God said we should not lie, but Abraham lied about his wife Sarah on two different occasions. Also, Isaac lies about Rebekah. What can you say about these instances; why doesn’t God rebuke them? Everyday Living: How can we give something of substance to those in need—practically, quietly, powerfully? For Teens: Do we find ourselves doing things to be noticed? God already approves of us! Bible Study: Almsgiving (Sermon on the Mount)
Bible Study: Exodus 5: Moses Encounter with Pharaoh Kids Story: Lunchtime Helper Kids Story: Giving to the Needy Kids: Coloring page - The Good Samaritan
Kids: Cut out the Bible characters and paste them in the blanks to complete each description of how they gave to others. Kids: Circle the ways you can help different people in your life. Kids: Place the green words from Matthew 6:1-4 into the crossword puzzle. Then answer the question. Kids: Fill in the blanks to complete descriptions of several Bible characters who put others needs above their own. Then circle those words in the puzzle.