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Any issues in your life? Want Biblical answers? Ask now. Today's Issues: How do we help children who are feeling powerless? Can the Scriptures speak life to them? Dust Specks and Logs: Criticism and condemnation hurt. How do we get rid of such attitudinal logs? For Teens: Judging others hurts us and limits our opportunities. Find out how forgiveness helps us replace criticism with compliments, focus on what's good, and bring healing.
For Teens: Follow the Golden Rule in daily life by loving, not judging, others (and yourself!). For Teens: Check out these awesome Psalms, written by 6th and 7th graders. For Teens: It's so hard not to judge others based on appearances. How can we stop it? Bible Study: Don't Judge - Matthew 7:1-6 (Sermon on the Mount)
Bible Study: Exodus 9: Thunder, Hail, and Fire Kids Listen to a Story (No Hippos Allowed!) and Complete an Online Puzzle Kids Read a Story: Dissolving Motes and Beams with Love Kids: Coloring - Love, Encourage, and Help Others
Kids: Good Fruit Kids: Maze - Shep and Lily Kids: Judge Not - Prodigal Son Kids: Don't Judge
Kids: Don't Judge Facts for 3-8 Year Olds Kids: Don't Judge Facts for 9-13 Year Olds