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Any issues in your life? Want Biblical answers? Ask now. Today's Issues: Can we trust God to help us in an emergency, even a medical emergency? Everyday Living: Do we let worry, stress, take away the joy we could experience this moment? For Teens: Have we been tempted to give up on God? God doesn’t give up on us.
Bible Study: The Lord's Prayer (Sermon on the Mount) Bible Study: Exodus 7: Moses and Aaron Go to Pharaoh Kids Coloring Page: The Lord's Prayer Kids: Cut out the animals and put the phrases from the Lord’s Prayer in the right order.
Kids: Word Search - Circle words from the Lord's Prayer Kids: Find your way through the maze by connecting each phrase of the Lord’s Prayer. Kids: Trace the words from the Lord’s Prayer. Use a blue crayon or marker to trace the name for God in these words.